detangle matted hair after removing braids is an independent, advertising-supported publisher. That being said, those with drier and more textured hair types tend to be more prone to mats. This will hydrate your hair and make it easier to shampoo & condition. To help mitigate these risks, it is important to use a hair cream with protein. You can find out more about our use, change your default settings, and withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future by visiting Cookies Settings, which can also be found in the footer of the site. Ans: It should take about 30 minutes to detangle matted hair after braids. Then, comb your hair, including the matted areas, to remove the knots. But in our home, we love our monthly (instead of weekly) hair routine. Examples include shea butter, coconut oil, Moroccan argan oil, olive oil, castor oil, and more. Pro Tip: You can leave your hair to soak for longer if you have stubborn knots and tangles, but ensure that you do not exceed 8 minutes. If I have a really bad knot, it can take that long or even longer. So once the hair is damp, apply a generous amount of moisturizing conditioner or detangler to coat your hair (e.g., hair detangling spray). Pro Tip: You can leave your hair to soak for longer if you have stubborn knots and tangles, but ensure that you do not exceed 8 minutes. unlocking this expert answer. Plus you have to work the knot down the length of the hair. Comb this portion of hair beneath your hand, moving your grip higher once the hair below it is successfully untangled. This will minimize pain, as the strands will be able to slide past each other easier. Our curls were made to kiss. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. You will feel inflammation in your skin while itching. Manage Settings She owns and operates the. The product recommendations and advertisers that appear on Curl Centric are from companies that compensate us through an exclusive, full-service ad management partner. Worse yet, you may get so tired of struggling through the process that you end up chopping all your hair off. There are directions on the back of every conditioner bottle, but the longer your hair, the more you need. My best memories of getting my hair braided as a kid were all the snacks I'd get to have because the process took forever. Oil and oily hair products help lubricate the hair strands, sliding them off of each other. With all your supplies ready, its time to prepare your hair for the detangling process in three simple steps. And, of course, make sure to detangle hair thoroughly after every wash. Matted hair is an absolute pain to deal with, even with the right tools and techniques. In an ideal world, wed avoid matted hair altogether, but we know this isnt the case. Individual hair strands often intertwine, quickly creating knots and mats. Using this will assist the brushing process, and also make it easier to detangle. I'm going to try the argan oil. You must intervene to cure the problem before it gets to this stage. That is the key point. 2. Amika's Detangling Primer is safe for all kinds of hair. Hill says using the tail of a pin-curl comb is especially helpful in this case, as it will create space to work through the mat. Then, rinse out any hair treatments once your hair is untangled. And finally, a fine-tooth comb can also help you get rid of the painful knots. Its not just about the braids, its about the hair as well. If wikiHow has helped you, please consider a small contribution to support us in helping more readers like you. You need to take care of dandruff before you wash your hair, so that you dont have any detangling issues. This opens up the matt and allows you to begin . This is how: Step 02: In a bucket or basin add 2 cups of water and 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (adjust accordingly depending on how deep your bucket or basin is), Step 03: Apply 5 drops of tea tree oil or rosemary oil to the bucket or basin and mix the mixture together, Step 04: Submerge your hair into the bucket or basin completely, ensuring that your scalp is also saturated (you may require some additional help), Step 05: Let your hair soak for up to 3 minutes to cleanse your scalp and hair and soften any build-up that has matted your hair so you can easily comb it out. There is, you just have to be calm and patient and take the right steps. Read below to find out the dos and donts of the detangling process for matted hair. While everyday knots can be removed fairly easily, mats are tough, if not altogether impossible, to remove with a brush or comb alone. This article was co-authored by Gina Almona. You will lose more hair if you get restless. But whatever you do, be gentle with it. Observing any of these will instruct you to resort to reparations immediately. If you need additional help, then ask one of your colleagues to help you out in this step. (With Alternatives). You can either put a drop of hair conditioner directly on the knots and tangles or you can opt for the less messy option of creating a mixture of conditioner and water in a spritz bottle and spritz your hair with the mixture to add slip whilst you detangle. Hey guys! . We also have strict editorial integrity; heres an explanation of our editorial guidelines and how we make money. At this stage, your complete attention should be on rejuvenating your hair. I specialize in all hair types and textures but am passionate about braiding and natural hair care. After that, take a wide-tooth comb and gently detangle from your ends to the roots of your hair, working towards the shaft of your scalp. People often forget to clarify and detox their scalp after a protective style, perhaps because it was the part of their hair they paid the most attention to during the previous 6+ weeks. That balance is difficult to find which leads to the locs getting matted. Try not to move up the knot until youve gotten detangled the bottom part of the knot. The detangling process after the braid removal took a total of approximately 3 hours-and no combs were needed. Such hair can be a problem. - Dry and clean your hair first. Part of minimizing pain when detangling is to use the right tools. Get rid of the rough, prickly hair ends without compromising on the length. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. Detangle Services of very matted tangled knots in the hair; Removal of braids, weaves, dreadlocks, Fusion extensions, twists and lock extensions. After you saturate your entire head with olive oil, take you hair in small, no bigger than pencil sized sections with your fingers. While combing your hair, use your other hand to firmly hold the lower section of hair near the ends until you get to the roots. If its been weeks or months since you last combed your hair (we dont judge), cutting might also be your best option since it will likely take many hours to fully detangle matsand even then, results arent guaranteed. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. As for the tools, she suggests the following: Once youve rounded up your tools, youre ready to begin the process. You can touch it up whichever you want again. As mentioned in the beginning, you have matted hair mostly on braids. Here's how to use it: Wet your hair completely and apply ACV to the roots. ACV is a great solution for detangling matted hair because it has natural acidity that can break down the build-up of hair. Being aggressive may affect your entire head, especially if your scalp has sensitive skin. Remember to take your time, start at the bottom and work your way up. Slowly detangle each knot if you have any after the removal of the weaves. Then slowly use a pen or hair brush to clear them. We suggest products we hope you'll love through. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Her work has been featured in Refinery29, CR Fashion Book, Hamptons Magazine, and more. You can pay attention to the scalp and do any needed whole-head trips while youre at it. Do not forget about a good conditioner. Using a wide-tooth comb to detangle will help you get rid of any dead hair and product development without damaging your natural hair or using too much pressure and gradually eliminates whatever dirt, grime, and dandruff need to be taken care of before you wash your hair so that you have no detangling issues. If youre trying to retain length, then you should avoid unnecessary breakage at all costs. You just cannot show complacency if following the steps. Alternate between the detangling brush, wide tooth comb, and rat-tail comb as needed based on their effectiveness in loosening the tangles in the matted area. There are many other effective ways to get rid of them. Manage Settings For long hair, or hair prone to knotting, consider protecting your strands at night with a silk pillowcase, scarf, or bonnet. This conditioner is perfect for detangling seriously matted hair, and it works great on all hair types and textures. Then proceed with the steps as stated before. The conditioner will moisturize and hydrate your hair so making the tangle easier to untangle becomes more likely than if you hadnt added any conditioner. Over time, that buildup eventually makes hair so dull and coated that strands easily tangle together due to the ensuing friction. The key is to add moisture to it continuously. If it is still tough, use some conditioner and water mixture on the knots so they slip loose. Lets get straight into it. Apply tons of conditioner and take your time. The key to success in this regard is to have the right tools at your disposal. Detangle with a wide-tooth comb. Remove light tangles. Isolate any free-hanging hair strands. 3. 3. Trim split ends to proceed your braids neat and smooth. By day I am an accounts clerk, by night you can catch me here on the blog. During wash day, use a conditioner and detangle your hair. Our site is still small, however, were pushing to get the best hair hacks out to as many as people as possible. Hold the section of hair youre detangling at the roots to prevent tension on the scalp. Holding on to them for more than this time period will create the ideal environment for matted hair. Click here to find out. If you want to use an anti-grease hair treatment, wait until after your hair is untangled. For the thinnest of mats, it eases the process to detangle them. You need to undergo a hair care routine to regain the moisture and softness of your strands. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. For this purpose, you can use water for up to 3 minutes. Try not to saturate your hair or soak it. With the right tools and temperament, its possible to get rid of mats from your own home. If your hair is prone to knots, you should constantly brush it. If there is a huge knot or multiple matted sections throughout the head and you do not want to cut the hair, please know you can still untangle the hair -- it just might take longer. This is actually not true. purchase supports us, at no additional cost to you. Naturally, wet hair becomes softer, more flexible, and easier to comb through. Begin in the middle of the mat and attempt to loosen and widen the mat to find some loose ends of hair to work with. If you have any of these symptoms, there is too much tension on . Next, you need a wide-tooth comb for that final step. However, the conditioner will moisturize and hydrate the hairs strands and make detangling the knot simpler than if you hadnt added any conditioner. She suggests using a styling comb and a cheaper conditioner (like this one) because you will need a lot. Wide tooth comb is another option you can go with.

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